BREKKY REVIEW: Paddock Bakery, Miami GC

Paddock Bakery, Miami is taking over social media. This innovative idea has the masses travelling all the way down the south coast.

Paddock bakery boasts fresh bread teamed with fresh local ingredients. Open 7 days from 6.30am – What more could you want!


Although the menu isn’t very long it is filled with too many intriguing options – it was a tough choice to decide. This time around I went for the Acai Bowl made on a blueberry base – topped with starfruit, figs, mandarin and blueberries. The other two opted for Avocado toast on freshly baked sourdough. There was no shortage of avocado with at least half an avo per brekky topped with lemon juice and pistachio’s (unfortunately I didn’t get a pic because they were gone too quickly).

Paddock Bakery


I had the cold pressed bottled on site Iced coffee which was deeelliiissshh!! I managed to snag a taste of the cold pressed green juice which was zesty and refreshing.

Location & Service

Just behind Miami beach on Hibiscus Haven. The bakery is quaint but modern set out in a large room. Glass windows are the only thing separating the bakery and customers. Counter service work’s well although you will need to have some in your party scouting out a good table because they are usually all full! Set up outside in trailer is a take away coffee and bread outlet for those on the run.  Score: 10/10

“Paddock Bakery have thought of it all. From menu to location to fast service. The only thing I can fault is that it is not close enough to Brisbane! Overall 10/10″

Paddock Bakery on Urbanspoon

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