BREKKY REVIEW: Kiss The Berry, South Bank

“The Kiss The Berry (KTB) franchise is hugely popular amongst the ‘fit and healthy’ so I had no choice but to give it a try.. poor me!”

Kiss The Berry “The Acai Specialists” was opened in July 2013 by two young entrepreneurs. The acai industry is booming in Brisbane so how have they been so successful in calling themselves “the specialists”?


They offer a huge menu which boasts numerous combinations of different unheard of  acai combinations. I have to admit I have already been back after trying my first bowl! My favourite is the “ALOHA TROPICANA BOWL” (Blend: Acai, Mango, Passionfruit, Strawberries, Coconut Water Toppings: Strawberries, Passionfruit, Coconut) I addedd goji berries and coyo (dairy free coconut yoghurt), see the picture above! One of the employees told me that the “KTB ORIGINAL BOWL” is their most popular (Blend: Organic Acai, Banana, Strawberries, Apple Juice Toppings: Banana, Strawberries, Locally sourced Honey, Chis Seeds) I can only manage a regular bowl and seriously nothing more! Although these bowls aren’t cheap coming in at over $10 a bowl!

Kiss The Berry


Although, their drinks menu is not as extensive (I think largely due to the fact that they are specialists in acai and haven’t expanded into acai and smoothie specialists.) I couldn’t manage to fit in a smoothie or coffee as well as my bowl. KTB serves locally roasted Wallman & Co beans and of course conforming to the health food trend only use organic milks (including Almond & Soy Milks).

Location & Service

KTB were surprisingly fast for acai. All acai consumers know that this means it only took roughly 10 minutes for a bowl…..but good for acai. KTB’s first store in Creek Street targets the corporate market as their is no parking and it is not really close to anything apart from offices. After opening in Creek Street (Brisbane City) in mid 2013, the pair have recently opened their second store in South Brisbane. Although, this location confuses me. Yes South Brisbane is a central and great location although KTB2 is in possibly the most unaccessible part of South Bank. Located at the bottom on the fancy new ABC building near the Brisbane Eye. KTB2 is not close to parking and has a very small amount of walk by traffic. This makes it difficult for KTB2 to be a ‘drive by/take away’ venue and more of a destination with customers having to walk for a minimum of 7 minutes for their desired bowl. I guess the key is to be fit and healthy…

I have to admit these girls have got the acai down pat – they know their stuff. The stores are clean and fresh and the acai bowls are delicious! It is a shame about the South Bank Location but many will travel for a great bowl! Score: 7.5/10

“Overall Kiss The Berry do prepare a pretty special acai bowl. In such a competitive market they are hot contenders for Brisbane’s favourite acai specialists. Overall 7.5/10″

Click to add a blog post for Kiss the Berry Açaí Bar on Zomato

Click to add a blog post for Kiss the Berry Acai Bar on Zomato

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