Illumi Run

Illumi Run Brisbane is the first run of it’s kind to be held in Australia. Following the success of China, Malaysia and Singapore organizers decided to bring the event down under.”


The Brisbane event was held on the 17th May 2015, at the RNA Showgrounds. Illumi run singapore attracts more than 18,000 runners annually as they party on the run. $5 of the $60 registration fee is donated to the McGrath Foundation which funds breast cancer nurses in the community.


The course is a total of 5km but differs from a normal run as there are five different themed stages along the way. Before each of the stages was also an ultra blue light area where everyone illuminated! There were dozen photographers too so no need to worry about your phone being covered – but most people took their phones anyways!


Once finished the race the main stage in the Village filled with participants for a fluro party! Main DJ’s included Rave Republic and Divine Our Destiny!



The main demographic ranged from alot of teens aged 13-15years old to many people who had attended the Illumi runs overseas aged around 25years old. A bar was set up selling drinks although most people were out in the mosh pit dancing!

Overall, the run was lots of fun but I would probably call it more a 5km dance party as those who are after a competitive run would be disappointed.

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