7 Ways Australia’s New Food Pyramid is Better Than Ever

Nutrition Australia has released for the first time in 15 years a brand new food pyramid which has health professionals jumping for joy! The food pyramid sets the record straight and is actually really easy to understand.

Nutrition Australia, Food Pyramid 2015 So what has changed and how will it effect you all in a nutshell. fresh_vegetables2 1. What I find most exciting is the fact that vegetables are more important that grains. Increased vegetable consumption is linked to reduced risk of diabetes, cancer, cardiovascular and other diseases. 93% of Australians do not eat enough vegetables it is important that we increase consumption as a whole. Although potatoes, sweet potato and corn are excluded from the bottom tier. 1431995776440 2. The pyramid is now divided into 5 sections (Vegetables & Legumes, Grains, Dairy, Fruit and Healthy Fats) as per the Australian Dietary Guidelines, 2013 which gives a more accurate picture of what people’s diet should be looking like. go-for-2-5 3. In sticking with the ADG the new food pyramid recommends more vegetables that fruit. The pyramid depicts the ratio promoted by the “Go 2&5 Campaign” no longer bearing equal weighting. shutterstock_106294400 4. Keeping up with the trends grains like Quinoa, Cous Cous, Soba Noodles nd Oats are now included. olive-oil 5. Healthy fats are good. One of the biggest misconceptions is that all oils are bad so by putting the good fats at the top of the pyramid Nutrition Australia is saying that it is okay to have some olive oil and almonds just not in large quantities. (And avo’s have moved from “sometimes foods” to everyday foods!!) Würfelzucker - Rohrzucker 6. Sugar is out! No longer is it okay to have a few naughty treats here and there. It’s gone! Sugar and discretionary items. Herbs-pic 7. Adding herbs and water to the pyramid makes the pyramid more achievable and relevant.

One thought on “7 Ways Australia’s New Food Pyramid is Better Than Ever

  1. I am a dietitian and I approve this message lol Love this! Will definitely be referring to it with patients/clients:) Thanks for sharing the info!

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