BREKKY REVIEW: Buzz, Gasworks

“Originally, I was hesitant when a friend asked me to meet her at chain restaurant Buzz at Gasworks – but I was pleasantly surprised with my experience.”

I did my research and found that Buzz Gasworks was one of four (other locations at Emporium, Brisbane Markets & Tennyson.) The menu looked mediocre but I was there for the company. Finally, with an Urbanspoon rating of 56% l was getting worried.



I decided to create my own as I couldn’t find my perfect brekky option on the menu – just kept it simple with Poached eggs on toasted ciabatta with cherry tomatoes, rocket and of course avocado . A opted for the Corn, mint and caramelized onion fritters topped with a poached egg, bacon and rocket served with a balsamic dressing. Both came to a heart stopping, whopping $18 – I guess you must pay for the location. I was pleasantly surprised with my breakfast, the added balsamic dressing was a nice addition but nothing to write home about and definitely not worth my $18. Meal #2 – Firstly, the bacon was crispy – major brownie points. The fitters were tasty but a little heavy and the meal was way too big with A only being able to finish one fritter.


Neither could fit in any beverages. The juice menu looked appetizing. It was noted that they serve Di Bella coffee.

Location & Service

Of course, Gasworks Plaza is a great location on Skyring Terrace in Teneriffe. Free 2 hour undercover parking, lots of buses and close to the ferry – you cannot fault them there. I was surprised to find when I arrived that it was counter service which worked for my visit (slightly annoying). Although I am not sure how this system would go on the weekend or for busier periods. (I hope they don’t do counter service for dinner!)

The Verdict

Overall, my food was tasty although not worth the money I paid but I guess it is in up market Tenerifffe. Food 6.5/10 Location was perfect 10/10. Service? Well there wasn’t really any 4/10. I unfortunately I cannot comment on drinks! So overall: 7/10

Buzz Bar & Bistro Gasworks on Urbanspoon

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