LUNCH REVIEW: Billy Kart Kitchen, Annerly

As usual I did my research and was excited to try the raved about Billy Kart Kitchen. Head chef Ben O’Donoghue aims to “create casual yet a sophisticated menu with seasonal, local produce.” They are open for breakfast and lunch daily and every Friday night for dinner with a monthly change in menu.



The menu was too good to be true. I had a read before I got there but still couldn’t make a decision when I was there. So we decided to share the Salumi Board with house-made piccalilli and crostini and the Roast Vegetable Antipasto Board. The food arrived quickly and it was breathtaking. It is hard to describe something that is so good. My favourite element of the two dishes would have to be the home made Piccalilli otherwise known as Indian pickled vegetables. Each meal was $21 which is pricey but definitely worth it!


There is always room for desert. We both opted for the home made jam filled mini doughnuts. The jam was the perfect consistency and had the perfect jam to dough ratio.


Location & Service

For a place so gourmet it was nice to find it in Annerly in a revamped corner store. The atmosphere was relaxed and you didn’t realize when you were there that how big the place was seating up to 80 people. We went on a Wednesday and it was not busy. The staff were welcoming and very hospitable. If you are looking to go on a Friday night for dinner it is recommended that you book weeks in advance!

The Verdict

I am no easy marker but today this restaurant gets a 10/10. I find no way to fault them and my experience could not have been any better! By far the best lunch I have had in a very long time.

Billy Kart Kitchen on Urbanspoon

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