The P Word!

Diet, Exercise & Menstruation 

After recent conversations with a few of ours friends regarding their diet and exercise regimes during their period, their responses prompted us to take a further look into the do’s and don’ts whilst on your period. Long story short, a majority of the girls indicated that they eat irregularly and exercise less due to menstruation pain or paranoia of the dreaded leak…


Firstly, we want to place a huge importance on eating breakfast!! The Health Science Journal (Ettiah, 2014) conducted a study on nutritional deficiency in relation to menstruation pain and disorders. Not only can eating breakfast kick-start your daily metabolism, boost your mood and lower stress levels, it can also severely reduce your chances of menstrual disorders. By skipping breakfast, you run the risk of increasing the incidence of dysmenorrhea (painful menstrual cramps with no organic cause), premenstrual pain and cramps and shockingly anorexia. Additionally, the study from the Health Science Journal found that there was an increase in the percentage of menstrual regularity in those that ate breakfast (89.1%) compared to those who skipped breakfast.

In regards to exercise, a lot of our friends indicated that their weekly exercise routines severely decreased during their period. A vast majority also shamefully admitting that this wasn’t necessarily due to the pain but more so purely because of the fear that something embarrassing might occur. We don’t need to go into more detail there… All girls know what we mean!

During your period, all you want to do is curl up in a ball and watch a movie…or 10. Sorry to crush your movie marathon dream but what your body needs is the exact opposite. Get outside and get sweaty! Ok, ok we get it… Sometimes high intensity exercise is the last thing you feel like so instead of doing nothing, try an alternative! Below is Adelaide in the early stages of her Elle Fit Active “Get Bendy & Get Split” journey!

“Yoga incorporates deep breathing which helps relieve the effects of oxygen deprivation to the tissues, one of the main causes of cramps” (Trupin, S)

Girls if you can relate to this post at we suggest you make an effort to eat regularly (especially breakfast), exercise & overcome the fear of leakage. To help you out, we have done some serious looking around and came across U By Kotex who send you free samples for any one of their products!! No excuses now…

A healthy lifestyle and diet is imperative for one’s healthy and well being. Begin your lifestyle changes now!

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