BREKKY REVIEW: Acai Brothers, Wellington Point

Somehow we managed up in the Wellington Point area. Luckily for me as I had been eyeing off Acai Brothers for a while, just don’t often venture all the way east of Brisbane. 



The menu offered by the brothers was quite different than the usual touch. On the menu were options that include Jaffa, Peppermint and classic Nutella. We couldn’t decide so opted for two original bowls – I believe the best way to judge an acai bar. A nice touch at acai brothers is the choice of three seasonal fruits. The bowls were fresh and smooth although the granola was minimal! Barely one tablespoon of purely buckinis!

Original Acai Bowl topped with Kiwi Fruit, Pineapple and Passionfruit with Chia Seeds from @acaibrothers
Original Acai Bowl topped with banana, rockmelon and pineapple from @acaibrothers

The smoothie and raw treat menu looks extensive and delicious although we didn’t try any of it today.


We waited around five minutes for our bowl which is relatively fast for Acai Bowls. The staff were attentive and the cafe was clean and inviting.


As mentioned previously Acai Brothers is possibly the furthest Acai bar away from our residence in the west of Brisbane. Although they recently asked their Instagram followers for possibly second cafe locations so here’s to hoping!

The Verdict: Acai Brothers was everything that I anticipated the staff were friendly, the cafe was clean and trendy and the bowls were yummy. Overall, 8/10! More granola next time please!!

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