DINNER REVIEW: Paw Paw Cafe, Woolloongabba

I had the best surprise when ten of my friends decided to surprise me and take me to Paw Paw Cafe for dinner. I have been there before when it was Green Papaya but not after their recent renovation and expansion.. Which now includes cocowhip. I could barely contain my excitement.


Unfortunately they had stopped serving Sweet Potato Fries – devastating for me but my hips were rejoicing! As there was a group of us I was lucky to try a bit of everything 🙂 

The first item to arrive were the Chilli Salted Prawns $14.90 (Whole school prawns, shallots, coriander & citrus sauce). Two in our group ordered this and both were sadly very disappointed with their meals to the extent that neither were finished. The small shrimps were too heavily fried and whilst crunchy lacked flavour. 

Secondly, the Crispy Soft Shell Crab Bao $4.5ea (Cucumber, chili, coriander, Asian salsa) arrived which was delicious the flavours were fresh and the crab was cooked perfectly.

The Pad Thai $21.90 arrived which was fragrant and aesthetically pleasing. The flavours were delicious and the noodles and chicken were cooked perfectly.

Finally, I opted for the Beef Vermicelli Salad $22.9

(Thai spices, vermicelli salad & Grilled beef fillet) which was delicious. It was more of a Thai twist than the Vietnamese options that I am use to but I liked it. The grilled beef was juicy and tender. 


I said I couldn’t fit in desert but really everyone has room for desert right? Especially when Cocowhip is in an option… I have had cocowhip before from BSKT Cafe but it was mixed with Maca powder and I found it too rich. Cocowhip is available plain for $6 or with extra add ons in sundae form. Disappointingly, Paw Paw were out of there Caramel and Chocolate slices so we only had the option of a granola sundae, fruit salad or mint slice. 

I opted for fruit salad which was delicious but disappointing that I only got a squirt of Passionfruit pulp, one strawberry and 1/4 of a banana for an extra $6!!!! 

My friend decided on the mint slice sundae which was tasty and made me long for my preferred chocolate option $12.


Paw Paw is situated on Vulture Street with limited parking on site and good evening parking, although during the week I have herd it is difficult to find a park. The restaurant is clean, spacious and has a separate second dining area. As a big group we sat at a large table which I assume would become communal dining when there are no big groups around.


The staff looked after us very well on our visit. Unfortunately our food didn’t arrive all at once but I understand it is hard to cater for a group of ten. It was unfortunate that a few major menu items were unavailable too.

The Verdict:  Paw Paw Cafe was a great, relaxed place to go for a easy affordable meal. The staff made you feel at home and the food was tasty and comforting. The breakfast and lunch menu looks delicious and I will be back for more Coco Whip for sure! Overall: 8/10

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