BREKKY REVIEW: Kettle Black, South Melbourne

Kettle Black must be one of the most photographed and instagrammed cafes in Melbourne. Or well in my news feed at least so I couldn’t wait to try out their picture perfect menu.


I had a tough choice deciding between the Polenta Porridge and the Hotcakes thankfully one of my other diners decided on the Polenta Porridge so I could sample both.

Polenta is very popular at the moment (see my post about Portobello Mushrooms on a Polenta White Sauce) but I haven’t herd of it in such a sweet dish and being made into porridge before.  The Polenta Porridge $22 was very aesthetically pleasing and was also delicious. The kafir lime leaves were a suprisngly perfect match which balanced the dish perfectly.


I must admit we had to google what Burtella (above) was but once we did you couldn’t not order it. Burtella for all of those amateurs like myself is a mozzarella cheese with a firm outer shell and a ever so creamy inside. This was served on fresh crunchy tomatoes with fresh basil and tomatoes.


And finally the Lemon and Ricotto Blueberry Hotcakes (above). OH MY GOD. This would have to be one of the best breakfasts I have had in the past six months (and that is saying something as I dine out a lot)! The presentation was perfect – fresh edible flowers, strawberries and a rolled ball of cream which I am not usually a fan of perfectly balances the acidity of the ricotta and lemon. The ricotta remained in large chunks throughout the Hotcake and was perfectly matched by the cooked blueberries. The whole thing was spectacular.


Kettle Black was to be my first coffee in Melbourne – pressure was on. And it lived up to expectations the flavour was smooth and aromatic. The hot chocolates were also delicious the perfect winter warmer. Kettle Black really have thought of it all having an outdoor coffee cart which not only sold coffee but had grab and go options like crossiants, baked goods and Bircher muesli. It also gave the cafe a lot of extra atmosphere.



I had seen photos of the terrace house where Kettle Black resided although little did I know that it was a part of and surrounded by huge city skyscrapers. It was just off busy St Kilda Road near the botanic gardens – a great position. The interior was bright, clean and crisp with a large share table in the centre – I think I am noticing a trend in Melbourne. Even though it was a crisp winters morning the outside tables were full.



Our waiter was very good. He took our orders well and was always cheery and happy. He was very informative when I enquired about the coffee. Our food did take quite a while (20mins) but I was anticipating a wait and it was well worth it.

The Verdict: Kettle Black really have thought of it all. From outdoor coffee karts to spacious interiors, the service was great and the food superb! My overal verdict 9.5/10

Kettle Black – 7am-4pm Monday – Friday, 8am-4pm Saturday – Sunday. 50 Albert Road, South Melbourne

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