DINNER REVIEW: Chin Chin, Melbourne CBD

I like to think of myself as someone who doesn’t waste opportunities. So when it came to choosing where to dine out on our short stay to Melbourne – this wasn’t a decision I took lightly. I did my research, not only online but I asked around and all I read and everyone I spoke to mentioned Chin Chin. We gave it a go and I definitely do not regret it.



We arrived at Chin Chin at 5.20pm – that’s not a typo – 5.20pm. I throughout everyone was joking but by 5.40pm there was a line up for a table. I looked at the menu and I often complain about not being able to choose but usually in the back of my mind I have a few stand out dishes – not here. I tried and I couldn’t pin point one menu item I wouldn’t want to eat. We opted to share our dishes and I was not disappointed.


As our decision was so tremendously difficult we started with three items. Firstly, the Chilli Salt Chicken Wings I am a little bit fussy when it comes to wings I turn my nose up to fatty – meatless wings but these were succulent, juicy and tender. They came in a light batter and the like juice and chilli sauce rounded off the dish nicely.

Secondly, we decided for the Steamed Gai Laan something simple but being a lover of my veggies I was ready to pounce and critic. These were cooked to perfection and seasoned beautifully.


To finish off round one we decided on the Beef Ribs which had been recommended to me by many people and our waitress agreed. MY GOD they were magnificent they fell off the bone, were cooked perfectly in a sweet sauce which was perfectly accompanied by a lemon dressing which packed a punch. I wish they never ended


We had no choice but to continue to round two. We decided to control our excitement (much to my disappointment) and ordered firstly the Chicken Laab a dish that I would ordinarily order at my local restaurant. The Laab was tasty but not to the same calibre of the other dishes.


We finished off with simple green beans in chilli SOMETHING. They were crunchy and fresh and perfectly seasoned.



I am not a local to the area so find it hard to judge but we found Chin Chin very easily on Flinders Lane parallel to Collins Street in the CBD. There is a downstairs bar called Go Go that serves cocktails for those waiting to get a table which is a great idea as the wait looked quite lengthy! On the opposing building was a trendy video projection for something different and exciting!


There were at least 20 staff working and the place was buzzing with people. Our waitress was friendly but I was disappointed when she didn’t give us fresh plates between round one and two and used her hands to grab our left over chicken bones!!! But other than that I cannot fault the service they were fast and attentive without making us feel rushed.

The Verdict: Chin Chin was everything I hoped for and more this is our first dining experience in Melbourne and they really have set the bar high. Overall 8.5/10.

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