BREKKY REVIEW: Canter & Colt, Samford

One of my friends had been pestering me for months to go to Canter and Colt. I do love breakfast but the thought of travelling out of Brisbane to get it,let’s be honest it didn’t excite me. We arrived where the pastures were greener, the air fresher and the birds were singing and I have to admit it it’s worth the trip!! They boast an organic menu with plenty of vegan, gluten and dairy free options.



The Canter & Colt menu had a little bit of everything that would suit almost everyone from acai bowls to avocado toast and scrambled eggs including dairy free, gluten free and vegan options.

Today, I opted for one of the specials the Berry Buckwheat Porridge (Buckwheat porridge with house made granola, mixed berry compote, coconut crunchy honeycomb with a side of milk) $14. I don’t often eat buckwheat but it is a great gluten free option and worked well in the porridge. It was the perfect warmer for a cold winters morning. The extra milk was a good option but mine was perfect without it. The house made granola is a nice crunchy addition to porridge.


P decided  to have the House Made Granola (with seasonal fruit, coyo and sprinkled with chia, cinnamon seeds, coconut flakes and fresh mint) $12 (GF,DF,V). It was presented beautifully and was delicious. Having a chunky granola is definitely more filling!


We also tried the muffin of the day which was Raspberry, Coconut and Banana (also gluten free and dairy free). It was moist and delicious!



C&C uses Montville Coffee‘s Organic blend they offer a large variety of lactose free alternatives including soy, zymil, coconut milk and almond milk. The coffee was nice I love the bio cups they are so cool!


As mentioned previously Samford Village is a stretch for most but it is more than worth it. Canter and Colt fits around 20 at a stretch. There are a few tables but most seating is open bench seating which gives the place an open feel. It is also attached to an organic food store.


All of the staff at C&C were very accommodating and lovely. Our food arrived quickly and the staff were very friendly.

The Verdict: I loved my C&C experience. I may complain about it being in Samford but that is because I am jealous I don’t have it down the road from me 🙂 Overall 9/10

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