5 Tips a Healthy Trip 

Staying active whilst out of town is easier than you think. Yes, this is a holiday but many people undo a lot of blood sweat and tears when on holidays  which is all avoidable with a few simple tips. 


1. Get walking! Your in a new exciting city and the best way to discover it is on foot. I am not saying walk 100km or unrealistic distances but when you can walk! Even if it means getting off a stop early you will be amazed and what you discover. It’s also a great way to shake off those extra calories you indulged in the night before. 

2. Be picky! When you are somewhere new don’t go to the same restaurants you would in your home town, mix it up. When you are starving and looking for something to eat go local! I try not to eat at any restaurants or food chains that I’ve been to before or that are in my home town. This way you will discover new places and avoid convenience or fast food joints!

3. Be prepared. I’m not saying go over the top with a packed lunch but if you know you will be out most of the day make sure you take a bottle of water and a snack. I always make sure I duck into the nearest fruit shop when I arrive and stock up on apples and bananas – my go to snacks on the run. This way you will not be forced to buy cheap, sugary snacks. Also for all of those tea addicts I like to bring a couple of extra tea bags with me which help cure my hunger and help me sleep better in a foreign bed.

4. Exercise. I am not saying take your Dumbbells travelling but do your research before you arrive and see what active options there are to do in the area your travelling to. This is a holiday so I am not saying you have to keep up your hard core weigts routine at the hotel gym but incorporate exercise into your visit. It might be visiting some historic baths, doing a sceinic cycling or walking tour or testing out the local running track it’s a great way to see the place you are going to the way the locals see it.

5. Sleep well. This may sound obvious but it’s a holiday for a reason. Don’t try and cram too much into your days you are there to relax. If you are having a late night experiencing the night life make sure you rest up the next day – you won’t have any eager dogs who want a walk or early morning appointments. Make sure you come back refreshed not exhausted!

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