Longing For Long Island

My Trip 

Long Island Ÿ / Whitehaven Beach /Ÿ Hamilton Island

Ÿ Long Island Ÿ 

Fortunately for me, my boyfriend lives in Proserpine so that makes getting around a little bit easier. Arriving into Proserpine around 10:30, we then started to organise ourselves for our weekend away at Long Island Palm Bay Resort. Long Island is about 30 minutes drive by boat from Shute Harbour. It is a beautiful, relaxing and serene self-catering resort. We went for the cheapest option ($209 per night) for decent sized villa (queen size bed, bathroom, bar fridge, air conditioning & hammock). As we pulled up to the beach, the wonderful staff were waiting for us with a buggy to take our luggage to our room. The resort has a massive entertainment/dining area for cooking and relaxing. There is a small shop available in case you forgot to bring some essentials! Soon enough it was sunset so we sat on the beach & drank some wine! We didn’t do much more other than relax but there are a few walks around the island that I would love to do next time!

LI Whitehaven Beach Ÿ

Up before sunrise, we decided to brave the winds and head to Whitehaven beach. From Long Island, it is about an hour to an hour and a half drive by boat. The wild ride was worth it when we came around the corner to the beautiful, pristine white beach protected from the wind. We spent about 5 hours here but could’ve stayed for days. It is one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen! Next stop – Hamilton Island



Ÿ Hamilton Island Ÿ

Back out into the open and braving what felt like a hurricane, we made our way back towards Long Island & stopped at Hamilton Island for a late lunch. Without making a reservation, we were able to park the boat for under $20.00 for an unlimited time, wonder around the island, have some lunch and a couple of drinks before we headed back to long island! Unfortunately we arrived too late but next time we would love to do the transfer from Hamilton Island to Dent Island, have lunch and a tour around the golf course for only $65pp. Hamilton is amaaazinng – a must do for those who haven’t been!


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