DINNER REVIEW: Harajuku Gyoza, Indooroopilly

It was a cold dreary day and well who really needs an excuse to enjoy gyoza and beer! So we headed up to Harajuku Gyoza which is located in the Station Road precinct.


The menu is divided into three parts, it is simple and easy to read which is a nice change from places catering for absolutely everything! We decided to keep it simple and skipped the mains and shared a few small dishes.

When you go somewhere Japanese in my books you are getting Edamame regardless. Ours were cooked to perfection – $4.20!

Secondly, we had the Tebasaki Wings which came in a sweet crispy batter! They were presented well and tasted even better!
  We opted to try two variations of the gyoza firstly the grilled Vegetable Gyoza $8. These have to be among the best Vegetarian Gyoza I have tried. They were filled with fresh vegetables and whole edamame beans which were a nice touch!  The second variety of Gyoza we tried were the pork. We opted for grilled as poached I often find are soggy. These were tasty and held together well although the meat was pink inside which turned me off a bit.

I love sweets but the idea of Peanut Butter or Chocolate inside a gyoza wrapper really doesn’t appeal.


The location is great. It is easily accessible via public transport and plenty of parking at Indooroopilly Shopping Centre – beware on the weekends though! The restaurant was spacious but effectively laid out so could hold both large groups and couples easily.


The waitstaff were welcoming and friendly. Unfortunately our waitress was hard to get a hold of as she was serving drinks behind the bar for majority of our stay. We had to ask for water twice, but our food arrived quickly. No bookings are required so there could be a bit of a line up on the weekends!

The Verdict: Harajuku Gyoza is a great relaxed place to come for a quick bite to eat. Beer and dumplings are a great combination! Overall 7/10

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