BREKKY REVIEW: Miss Bliss, West End

Miss Bliss has only recently opened, boasting a wholefood menu it was right up our alley! 


The menu looked great! It was a tough decision I opted for the Toast n Toppings $12 – Slice 1: Avocado, shrivelled tomato, fresh basil, crispy speck! Slice 2: Sweet Potato Hommus, roasted capsicum and sauerkraut. The seed bread is nutrient dense and delicious and super filling! The flavours in the toppings were perfectly selected.

My dining partner had the 3 Egg Omelette $15 (1yolk, 3 whites) shrivelled tomatoes, sautéed greens, sage roasted mushrooms which seedy bread was added to. Upon reflection the sourdough option would have been better as the seed loaf is so dense and filling it couldn’t be finished!


The cold cabinet was filled with fresh salads, take away soups and chia puddings and Bircher muesli that were a whopping $8!

All of the raw and vegan treats looked delicious as well!


The cold drink menu looked great my pick was the Choc Bomb (Cacao, banana, almond milk and protein) $7. Because the seedy loaf was so filling we couldn’t fit in any drinks! I couldn’t try the coffee either.


Miss Bliss is in bustling West End on Vulture Street. Signage could be better as I drove straight past! You will have to pay for parking and there are plenty of buses in the area. The back deck is a great idea MissBliss is equipped for large numbers! We were inside with the heaters blasting in the warmth.


There is no signage telling you what to do. We took a seat got some menus and waiting ten minutes after not being served to realise it was counter service. I also had to ask for table water as the waitress ran away everytime they served us. The food arrived quickly and the cafe was clean. 

The Verdict:
Miss Bliss was a delight to visit. The food was yummy and the cafe has a lot of potential once they iron out a few issues. Looking forward to more things to come! Overall 7/10

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