BREKKY REVIEW: Sourced Grocer, Teneriffe

It was time to venture back to Sourced Grocer. Once I was back I couldn’t understand why I left in the first place. I love the set up with the organic food store section, no wonder this place is always so busy!


The menu covered all of the basics with an organic, healthy touch. I wasn’t feeling very adventurous so had the Honey Roasted Oats (House rolled organic honey roasted oats, Barambah yoghurt, rhubarb, lemon myrtle and fresh Bee honeycomb) $13. It was superb one of the best mueslis I have had in a very long time (of course not as good as my homemade granola)

Staying with the basics the other meal we had was the Avocado on House Sourdough (House sourdough, avocado, house smoked labneh, olive oil, citrus) $13. Unfortunately, we were not as smitten with this dish as the first. There are not many ways to mess up the cooking of avocado toast. For the price we paid the serving was very small. 



Sourced Grocer is well known for a high quality of coffee serving Cup Coffee beans. We also tried the green smoothie which broke our pockets at $8.50. It must have been super healthy.  


Sourced is hidden in the back streets of Tenerife but not too out of the way that it is lost. It is close to the ferry terminal and lots of buses. There is plenty of 2hour free parking too although you may find it difficult if you are just looking for a quick drop in coffee. There is casual seating outside whilst the inside features an organic fresh produce market.


We didn’t have much to do with the waitstaff, it was counter service and the food was fast. No complaints, no extra compliments.

The Verdict: I thoroughly enjoyed my choices at Sourced. Unfortunately it was a little bit hit and miss and quite expensive. I will be back! Overall 7/10.

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