6 Simple acts to protect yourself from the flu

A recent report has revealed that more Australian’s than ever contracted the nasty flu last year. Let’s be honest we cannot save the world but here are our 6 top tips to fight it off!

1. Exercise

This isn’t a trick, I am not just saying this because I want everyone to exercise more. Exercise, cardio in particular gets your blood pumping, makes you breathe faster giving oxygen to your blood and makes you sweat – increasing your body’s natural virus-killing cells.

Get outdoors, relax and get your blood pumping!
2. Sleep

You don’t want to give your body an excuse to feel less than optimal. When it does that is when the nasty flu will attack. Recently it was revealed that those who slept less than six hours a night were 4.2 times more likely to get sick!

3. Stress less

Another way to increase your immune system is to simply relax. Stress hormones like cortisol and adrenaline inhibit the body’s ability to stay well. Now for a lot of us that is easier said than done. It is all about working out what works for you personally it might be taking the dog for walk, reading a book or enjoying the outdoors. By making the time to relax you are increasing your immunity.

4. Wash your hands

Sounds simple enough? You already do it quite a few times a day but let’s increase that – just to be safe. Cold and flu’s spread through direct contact. You probably don’t realize how much indirect contact we have with one another for example someone sneezing into their hand then shaking yours ten minutes later, or someone coughing into their hand and opening the very same door you use many times a day! Germs linger for hours so make sure you get washing. Try to include an extra few washes and always use an antibacterial soap!

5. Don’t touch your face

This sounds like a weird one but germs actually spread through our eyes, nose and mouth. Therefore, the less contact your germy hands have with your face the less opportunity you have to spread them!

Fresh produce from @hawthornegarage
Fresh produce from @hawthornegarage
6. Eat your vegies!

Now I could go on for hours here but I will keep it simple. To be honest I believe in a well-rounded diet. If you feel yourself getting stick I don’t think you should opt for a strict diet of lemon, ginger and oranges. Instead, you should be increasing your intake of a variety of vegetables. The group I am looking for are those containing “phytochemicals.” Phytochemicals are the naturally occurring chemicals found in plants or vegetables. Vegies containing the most phytochemicals are those which are dark green and leafy, red and yellow! Think spinach, watercress, capsicum, squash!

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