BREKKY REVIEW: Merriweather Cafe, South Brisbane

I have heard many things about Merriweather Cafe in South Bank, but I am sad to say it didn’t live up to my expectations. What initially drew me to Merriweather was their sustainability and local concepts similar to Locavore.


It took me a while to decide what to get from the menu, but not my normal tough choice between mouth watering meals instead I found it hard to find something appealing. The menu was very “white” with lots of breads, baked goods and eggs on the menu but not a whole lot of greens. After eyeing off one of my fellow patrons brekky’s I decided to order what I thought I identified as the “Spelt Sourdough Crumpets with myrtle butter, and roasted rhubarb $17.00.” Unfortunately, it wasn’t the same as when mine arrived it was sparce. The crumpets were not warm but cold and the butter was so cold it was unspreadable.

My brekky date today ordered simply the eggs your way on toast $12.50 with the intention to add avocado (a Brisbane staple) but no sticking to the white theme they didn’t have avocado as an addition. The bread was from local sprout bakery which is always delicious but you could make something like this at home for 1/10 of the price. The prices are also not shown on the website, with the menu costing around $20!



I did enjoy with coffee topped with chocolate shavings although it could have been warmer.

We also had the cold pressed green juice green: apple, kale, cucumber, ginger $6.50 which was nice.


Merriweather was table service although after being seated I think we were forgotten about because it took the waitstaff a noticeably long time to return. Once we ordered our meals took around 20 minutes which is standard for a busy saturday morning.


Merriweather is just off the main drag of South Bank it is adjacent to Musgrave Park a great spot for weekday corporates. The fit out is warm and welcoming although some of the chairs look and feel like they are out of a kids cubby house.

The Verdict: I hate to say it but I really was disappointed with my visit to Merriweather, I was excited for a local sustainable brekky which was overpriced, bland and the service was not as expected. Overall 5/10.

Merriweather Cafe, 27 Russell Street South Bank, Open 7 days.

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One thought on “BREKKY REVIEW: Merriweather Cafe, South Brisbane

  1. Thats a shame, I have had great experiences at Merriweather. I love the coffee and the food I’ve had has usually been decent. I must say it is a little on the pricey side and the service can be terrible… I think I’ve been forgotten every time I’ve been!

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