5 Ways to stop the post Christmas bulge

Tis the season to be jolly! Everyone is happy and festive but here are a few tips that will have you thanking me later!

1. BYO

Christmas does call upon a lot of unavoidable naughties but here is a simple trick to make it a little easier. Have you been invited to something and asked to bring a plate? Even if you haven’t been asked why not bring something anyways! Not only will the host thank you but your waistline too and I am sure some of the other guests will rejoice! Some simple healthy ideas are fruit skewers, dips and carrot or celery sticks (below) or something like my Watermelon, Haloumi and Mint Salad (above) but beware these options are always the first to go!

2. Avoid the Hiccups

This really goes without saying… What is that quote? “Failure to prepare is preparing to fail” – Someone Legendary. This is a crazy time of year for us all which does increase the likelihood of hiccups and slip ups which can be reduced by a few steps… Stock up the freezer and pantry – this means that when you get home late, exhausted and hungry there are still plenty of healthy options. Get organised if you know you have a manic weekend or overeating in laws staying make sure you plan in advance not only food but your time.


3. Keep Dancing

And I’m not suggesting walking instead of a cab between bars! With a busy work and social schedule it is often easy to skip your workouts but come January when your New Years Resolutions are in full swing you will be making things a lot harder for yourself. If you are travelling away for Christmas check out my Tips for Staying Healthy on Holidays.


4. Keep drinking!

Ahhhh no! Not the kind you’re thinking of. It is your own doing those who choose the booze the kind I am thinking of applies to everyone…Water! Yes I’m boring and yes I’m a nana but drinking water not only decreases your appetite but deceases your thirst too! And most importantly will decrease the headaches the next day. If possible try drinking one glass of water for every glass of alcohol!

5. Use Protection 

The silly season is an exciting time of year but what you don’t realise is that all of this fun you are having is putting extra stress on your body! For most of us socialising is set for the weekends but for some unknown reason we want to see every man and his best friend before Christmas which forces some weekday events. When we are tired our immune system weakens teamed with some time after Christmas to finally rest and BAM! You have a cold in the middle of the hottest, funnest part of the year. I’m not saying stay at home and be in bed before the sun goes down but the odd multivitamin or veggie will decrease your chances.

There you have it folks! It is your choice wether you choose to accept it.. Trust me you will thank me come 2nd January.

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