14 Foods Which Make You Smarter

Getting back into the semester after eight weeks off in the wise words of Miley Cyrus is “Always gonna be an uphill battle.” Let’s admit it most of us are likely to spend at least the next four weeks in the world of procrastination before reality hits.. and BAM 110% of your brain is needed to finish your assignment at the very last minute. Here are a few foods to make sure that your squishy thing upstairs – however big or small it is, will be perform to the best of its ability.

  1. BERRIES – all of them! Not just blueberries are filled with antioxidants which improve your memory and motor coordination. My hot money saving tip is to buy them frozen.
  1. Just one BANANA – has just the perfect amount of glucose your brain needs for an entire day.
  1. EGGS – are filled with an under appreciated Vitamin B called choline which enhances memory and speeds up your reaction time.
  1. SALMON – Did you know your brain is made up 60% fatty acids? Well you guessed correctly salmon is packed with these fatty acids which helps strengthen your memory, improve your recall, builds focus and supports greater reasoning.
  1. SPINACH – or most dark leafy vegetables is full of Vitamin K which slows down age related declines in the brain, it has also been proven to improve learning capacity and memory.


  1. YOGHURT – is a bit of a dark horse to the list…it is filled with lots of protein, minerals and probiotics which help balance bacteria in your gut which gives you clear signalling pathways in the body.
  1. Most WHOLEGRAINS – are enriched with folate which boosts blood flow to the brain to keep it working at peak levels. Some wholegrains include wholemeal bread and breakfast cereal, wheat germ, brown rice, cous cous, qunioa and oatmeal.
  1. It makes sense that brain shaped nuts, WALNUTS, are great for your brain. These bad boys are made up of 20% protein as well as omega 3 and 6 fatty acids. They help balance out serotonin levels, for example they get your mood swings and appetite under control.
  1. Yes the all time brain favourite COFFEE has made the list. As most coffee addicts know too well coffee increases alertness and memory, as well as eye focus. Although hold off drinking coffee until you’ve been up for at least 90 mins because you need to let your natural AM surge of cortisol come into play. Cortisol helps the body manage stress and helps maintain your blood pressure and immune system. Having coffee too early will mean you won’t feel the coffee buzz!
  1. I’m not making this up I promise – CHOCOLATE is a brain food! Dark chocolate in particular is full of antioxidants and helps you focus and concentration, whereas the oh so creamy milk chocolate is good at improving reaction times and memory.
  1. Eating raw CARROTS in particular provides your body with a steady level of blood sugar which your brain needs to function optimally.
  1. GREEN TEA– is well known for its abundance of nutrients. It is recommended that we only consume two cups of coffee a day but there is a far larger limit for green tea consumption! In particular green tea has lots of iron which helps blood flow and cognitive control.
  1. BROCCOLI – just like spinach has lots of vitamin k which helps the brain age slowly. Vegetables that are a similar colour often contain the same vitamins therefore it’s good to have a colour plate so you get the most nutrients!
  1. SUNFLOWER SEEDS – no this is not a procrastination excuse for you to skip class and go frolic amongst the sunflowers. Sunflower seeds are rich in B Vitamin, thiamine, which increases knowledge, memory and understanding in your brain.

Okay, yes I have given you a list of 14 somewhat random foods. But in addition to walking away from this article with The Climb stuck in your head why don’t I demonstrate how easy it is to include these in everyday life. Here are my brain boosting concoctions.

Berry Brainy Smoothie

Brain Child Mix

After eating some of my Brain Child Mix I was easily able to work out that my recipes only cover 9 out of the 14 of the brainy foods. But the rest of the foods on the list are pretty common, easy (and cheap) additions (Green Tea, Coffee, Broccoli, Salmon, Whole Grains and Eggs). It is not too hard to add in some of these brain foods into your everyday regime and your brain will thank you later! And there you have it folks you are now one step closer to become a genius.


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