Do You Suffer From Bloating?

If you are guilty of frequently buying packaged foods, unfortunately a large majority are filled with hidden preservatives that often cause bloating. It is important to be able to read labels so that you aren’t fooled by the marketing of a product. In saying that, sometimes  bloating is not restricted to packaged foods, plant foods may cause the same reaction.

Lucky for you – we have a low cost, tasty herb to help reduce bloating and flatulence!

Chamomile, botanically known as ‘Matricaria recutita’ or ‘Chamomilla recutita’ is traditionally used as an anti-inflammatory, spasmolytic (i.e. to relieve spasms), carminative (i.e. relieve flatulence), mild sedative, antiulcer, vulnerary (i.e to heal wounds topically) and a diaphoretic (i.e. to induce sweating – particularly when you’re sick to remove toxins).

If you suffer from bloating – we strongly suggest consuming at least one chamomile tea per night to relax your digestive system, reduce flatulence and inflammation. After all, your gut is your second brain so it is vital that you don’t ignore signs and symptoms of discomfort because this is your bodies way of telling you something isn’t 100%.

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