Why You Should Go Dry This July

You might think that it is too late to resurrect your New Years resolution and that whilst that bikini body is made in winter very few of us turn down a comforting red wine on a cold winters night… Except you might want to think twice after this.

Despite what many people think it seems that unlike our Australian stereotype new research has revealed that Aussies are now opting to forgo an alcoholic beverage for just wait for it – better health.

63% of Australians attempts to minimize the negative effects of alcohol on our body by eating well (40%), exercising (34%) or only drinking on the weekends (25%). But is all of this enough?

Did you ever feel the pinch of social pressures to drink? In the past year alone a shift in attitudes shows that 60% of my Australians are now conscious of the effects of alcohol. Furthermore, alcohol consumption is down with 24% of people agreeing that they are drinking less than the same time last year mostly because of weight concerns and the hatred of those dreaded hangovers.

1 in 3 Australian’s admit that they want to cut down on their alcohol intake so what better time to start then by giving alcohol the cold shoulder this July.

Some of the benefits of avoiding alcohol in July that can be expected by participants (if you don’t replace alcohol with chocolate bars and chips) is weight loss, increased energy and productivity levels, clearer skin, better sleep and most importantly none of those dreaded hangovers.

“It is incredible to see the positive change in behaviour among Aussies towards drinking,” says Dr Cris Beer, medical doctor and author of Healthy Liver. “Also, it’s great that many of us are eating well and exercising to keep healthy, but it’s important to remember that it doesn’t counteract alcohol consumption or allow you to drink as much as you like, then go for a run the next day, for example. The Australian guidelines still recommend no more than two standard drinks on any day to reduce your risk of alcohol-related disease.”

Dry July challenges Aussies to go without the booze for one month to support people affected by cancer.

Brett Macdonald, Dry July CEO and Co-Founder says, “Our research report has found that Australians are increasingly aware of their own health and are looking to make positive changes to their habits. This is why we’re encouraging everyone to sign up for Dry July – not only do you get to make a real difference to people affected by cancer but you’ll also notice your own drinking habits and the value of a healthy, balanced lifestyle.”

You can sign up for Dry July here.

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