How To Reduce Smartphone Radiation By 95%

Let’s all admit it we couldn’t live a day without our smartphones, they are so intertwined into our modern day lives we don’t even realize just how much we use them. But are you aware how much you actually use your smartphone?

The latest stats show that Australians spend 21 hours a week on their phones that is almost 50 days a year! With 90% of people admitting to having it their phone in arms reach all day long and also over 50% of 10 year olds now have a smartphone (WOW).

Have you ever stopped to think about affect that your phone has on your body? I am not talking the amount of time we spend being inactive sitting on the couch or lying in bed staring into the depths of the screen or even square eyes but the effect that the radiation emitted from our smartphones has on our bodies.

Most electronic devices emit electromagnetic radiation (EMR), for example your TV, laptops, microwaves and of course, smartphones. Even though smartphones emit non-ionising radiation (which isn’t as strong as x-rays and radioactive sources) what is a concern is the amount of time we spend on them and with them so close to our body.

Studies have emerged linking smartphone usage not only to general inactivity and obesity but to breast and brain cancer and male infertility. The only thing is we had no way of dealing with this issue. We aren’t about to give up our beloved iPhones so what can we do.

The team at Patch’d have created a smartchip to fix all of our problems. “The patent-pending patch’d smartchip contains a printed circuit board (PCB) and layers of specially formulated dielectric materials which channel radiation away from the face side of the phone and your head and body.”

A Patch’d has been proven to reduce radiation absorption by up to 95%! If you need further convincing you can read up on all of the science and research here.

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