Why You Need To Have Doughnut Time In Your Life

I have a problem. Ever since eating my first Doughnut Time doughnut, I haven’t been able to stop thinking about my next. To the embarrassing point where the Doughnut Time website is one of the top visited sites in my internet history. And when they brought out Vegan options we fell in love even more. 

I know we are all about health here but it’s all about balance right? And Doughnut Time is definitely my weakness. They have a variety of doughnuts on their regular menu but also like to mix it up with some unique novelty flavours. My latest obsession is The Cookie Monster – a cream and chocolate glaze, marshmallow and chocolate biscuit filling topped with an Oreo.

My hot tip is to check out their menu online before you head instore to save any confusion and regrettable decisions (which won’t be the flavour you chose but that you didn’t get enough!)

p.s who wouldn’t drool over this oozing Nutella doughnut?

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