We Discover That There Is Such A Thing As “Healthy Take-away”

And you can have it delivered right to your door. It almost sounds too good too be true. But we’ve tried it out and it’s DEFINATELY a real thing.

Foodora are delivering the freshest, healthiest meals on demand. There is no need to quit your healthy eating plan, sign a contract or have them delivered frozen. Choose your meal (from soooo many options) and it will be delivered right to your door.

When ordering takeaway food our biggest tip is to look for words like grilled, steamed and poached. Words to avoid are fried, battered and crumbed. Look for menu items that have lots of veggies and are cooked to order.

For example when ordering Thai instead of ordering everyone’s favourite Pad Thai (chicken, fried noodles and a few sprouts) try something different like the Chilli, Chicken & Snowpea Salad below. The chilli will give your metabolism a boost and the extra veggies won’t have you feeling too full or lathagic afterwards.

Another example is when ordering Fish and Chips, ask for your fish to be grilled with no extra sauces and batter. Whilst some argue that chips are potatoes which are veggies (which is technically true) we recommended preparing your own salad and dressing at home not only to save you money but all of those fresh veggies will have your insides singing.
Order your own healthy meal here.



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