5 Ways To Recharge Your Health This Spring

Australians are out buzzing like bees as soon as spring comes around. We’ve been cooped up in our so-called “cold winter” and are itching to get outdoors. Here is your go to guide to get you back on track and all set for a summer of success!

Sign Up For A Marathon Not A Sprint

Rome wasn’t built in a day and unfortunately your bikini body won’t come overnight either. It’s time to acknowledge that your so-called health kick is going to take a bit longer. Experts say to aim for a 80 to 20 ratio. Be good 80% of the time and naughty 20%. Stick to this and you are more likely to stay on track.

Brighten Up Your Life

Spring is filled with fresh blooms and green grass so its time to reflect outside on your plate. Rather than focusing on calories and cutting back ramp up your fruit and vegetable intake. Not only will these keep you fuller for longer but each different colour holds different nutrients. Think colourful salads and smoothies.

Looking to try something new why not try our Humble Healthy Halloumi Salad?


Recruit A Friend

Apart from it being more fun to workout and be healthy with a friend they also hold you accountable. Studies have shown that those with a workout buddy or health partner were more likely to stick to their goals.

Think Outside The Box

It’s spring make sure you get outdoors and enjoy it! Most of us use winter as an excuse for staying indoors and sticking to the gym. Why not catch up with a friend go for a walk. Getting 10mins of sunlight each day not only affects your health but it has been proven to make you happier!


Spring Clean

It’s time to get organized because who wants to spend summer running around doing those boring chores when you could be at the beach! De-clutter not only your wardrobe but you mind. Don’t have enough time to do it all at once? Try doing it sections at a time, i.e bathroom one day, shoes the next. Make sure you also check that your shoes are still in tiptop shape. You should replace them every 500 miles to avoid injury.

Toning up for summer ? Our Ab Cruncher workout will get you bikini ready!

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