How To Get A Good Night’s Sleep

We all know the benefits of getting enough sleep – weight loss, energy, and increased metabolism just to name a few but not many people tell us actually how to get. Unfortunately, it isn’t as easy as putting your head on a pillow and dozing off for all of us. Here are our top tips to make the most of your zzz’s.

Set A Bedtime Alarm

So you set an alarm to wake up every morning but what about when you go to bed? Our bodies love routine so even if its not to the minute give yourself an hours lee-way to get into bed.

Play It Cool

Love snuggling under the weight of 10 blankets? Your sleep patterns sure don’t. By lowering your thermostat your body will actually function at a calm and more restful speed leading to better sleep.

Do The Full Monty

Playing on the point before, sleeping naked has been linked to a more restful sleep. This allows your body to use its natural thermostat rather than fighting through layers of clothing and your favourite odd socks.

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Choose A Good Pillow

Think of a pillow like you would a good sports bra. It’s the most important part of getting your z’s – without it you will be on major struggle street. Make sure you choose pillows that are comfortable and supports and also for your sleeping position for example stomach or side sleeper pillows are VERY different. We use Ergoflex memory foam pillows and haven’t looked back since.

Watch Your Drinks

Unfortunately, having a glass of wine before sounds like a great plan but in reality it negatively impacts your sleep. Also avoid caffeine and stock up on water!


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