The Best Healthy Home Delivery Services

The rise of meal delivery services has begun, with everyone short on time and more health conscious than ever more people a turning to meal delivery services but how to you choose a healthy option? The competitive market is driving prices down and quality up! Here are our thoughts on the latest services:

Eat Fit Food

Offers nutritious and wholesome meal plans delivered fresh to your door three times a week. You can choose one of their intense 28 day programs or their specialty 5, 10 or 20 day packages. Clean + Lean, a high protein plan to support healthy and fitness and the Cleanse pack aims to kick-start your healthy eating habits and is free of wheat, gluten, dairy and red meat.

Cost: prices start at $375 for 5 days


We tried a 5-day meal cleanse plan from Dietlicious. The range of variety in each meal pack was amazing. Jam packed with a healthy sized main meal, snack and smoothie. Due to the convenience of having each meal planned for the day, the stress of preparing was taken away. We aren’t huge fans of heating our meals in plastic due to the release of synthetic oestrogen and other chemicals so ensured we packed a glass container with us when it was time to heat up and eat. 

Cost: a 5-day cleanse starts at $155

Aussie Farmers Direct

We immediately fell in love with this service. Our box was delivered overnight on a Sunday making it easy for us to prepare our meals for the week. For convenience, the box had 5 different recipe cards to assist with meal preparation whilst utilizing every fresh ingredient. We loved that this service encourages you to cook your own meals as we think you should never underestimate the importance of learning how to cook healthy meals for yourself. 

Hello Fresh

Delivers an exciting box of fresh ingredients and recipes right to your door. Each recipe is nutritionally balanced and easy to prepare in under 30 mins. They are perfect for the busy individuals who love to cook, they do all the planning, shopping and prep for you so you get to do the best bit – cooking and eating it!

Cost: prices start at around $9.50 a meal

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