The One Piece Of Advice Ellie From “Elsas Wholesome Life” Has For Women

After moving to Bali with now fiancée (congrats!), Alex, in 2015 Ellie hadn’t looked back “We moved to Bali because it’s such a great lifestyle, slow living (literally on island time) and sooo much amazing healthy plant based food. It’s also more central in the world without being too far from home.”

If Bali is among your next travel destinations Ellie recommends Peloton Supershop, the Shady Shack and Poke Poke Canggu.

As a qualified dietitian one of the biggest changes Ellie’s thinks Australians should make is to “eat more plant based and whole foods.”

After starting @elsas_wholesomelife Ellie learnt how to cook and now after launching her own cookbook she wants to “make healthy plant based food achievable for people.”

And her one piece of advice for women who are nervous about starting their own business – “Just to go for it! And don’t look back!”

You can catch Ellie at the upcoming Fitness Shows in Melbourne and Brisbane, she’ll sit on a panel discussion called ‘What Should I Eat?’ with authors Michelle Bridges, Tim Robards and David Gillespie. More info click here.


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