The Best Way To Stay Active

We came across a great article on The Upside Life, reminding us of the easiest ways to stay active without consciously doing exercise! Besides… who wants to waste their weekends in front of the TV?! EVENTS Accidentally on Purpose By Alexandra Gee · On July 31, 2015 We can’t bear the thought of wishing away your weekend… Read More The Best Way To Stay Active

The Transformation from #thinspo to #fitspo

Social media has changed the modern day stereotype of an attractive woman from #thinspo to #fitspo. Trends have completely transformed from flab to abs. Women in particular no longer look to unrealistic 6ft something leggy blondes on the catwalk for inspiration but to everyday people they find through social media. People are obsessed with recreating… Read More The Transformation from #thinspo to #fitspo