Home Workout 🏡

Here is another easy to do at home workout for those who don’t have gym memberships or don’t always have a lot of time! • 10 x Side Plank Pulse (each side) • 20 x Mountain Climbers • 20 x Crunches • 20 x Toe Touchers • 1 Minute Plank Hold **Repeat 3 Times**

Mix It Up

Lately I have been finishing either work or uni fairly late and the last thing I feel like doing is grocery shopping. When I got home the other day, I grabbed a whole bunch of random ingredients out of the cupboard & fridge. Initially I thought I was going to regret being lazy and end… Read More Mix It Up

The Best Way To Stay Active

We came across a great article on The Upside Life, reminding us of the easiest ways to stay active without consciously doing exercise! Besides… who wants to waste their weekends in front of the TV?! http://blog.theupsidesport.com/accidentally-on-purpose/ EVENTS Accidentally on Purpose By Alexandra Gee · On July 31, 2015 We can’t bear the thought of wishing away your weekend… Read More The Best Way To Stay Active

Depression: Physical Exercise vs. Tricyclic Drugs

Below is a recent assessment of mine that I believe is a great topic to share! Title A critical analysis of the literature pertaining to effectiveness of exercise and tricyclic drugs in the treatment of depression amongst adolescents.   Introduction   The purpose of this literature review is to discuss the traditional and scientific treatments… Read More Depression: Physical Exercise vs. Tricyclic Drugs