The Best Way To Stay Active

We came across a great article on The Upside Life, reminding us of the easiest ways to stay active without consciously doing exercise! Besides… who wants to waste their weekends in front of the TV?! EVENTS Accidentally on Purpose By Alexandra Gee · On July 31, 2015 We can’t bear the thought of wishing away your weekend… Read More The Best Way To Stay Active

The P Word!

Diet, Exercise & Menstruation  After recent conversations with a few of ours friends regarding their diet and exercise regimes during their period, their responses prompted us to take a further look into the do’s and don’ts whilst on your period. Long story short, a majority of the girls indicated that they eat irregularly and exercise less… Read More The P Word!

Sweet Poison

Recently we saw the amazing “That Sugar Film” documentary. For those who haven’t seen it, Damon Gameau gave up sugar 3 years ago. For the purpose of the experiment, he decided to undergo an experiment eating only foods that are deemed “healthy” to everyday people. This revealed that the average person consumes approximately 40 teaspoons… Read More Sweet Poison