Setting the record straight – Addyi “Female Viagra”

Everyone has seen the catchy headlines “Female Viagra pill approved by US authorities” – ABC news, “Female Viagra – Libido pill Addyi approved by FDA”- BBC news, “FDA Approves Addyi, a libido pill for women” – The New York Times. But this little pink pill does a lot more than many people realise.. What you have… Read More Setting the record straight – Addyi “Female Viagra”

Depression: Physical Exercise vs. Tricyclic Drugs

Below is a recent assessment of mine that I believe is a great topic to share! Title A critical analysis of the literature pertaining to effectiveness of exercise and tricyclic drugs in the treatment of depression amongst adolescents.   Introduction   The purpose of this literature review is to discuss the traditional and scientific treatments… Read More Depression: Physical Exercise vs. Tricyclic Drugs

The P Word!

Diet, Exercise & Menstruation  After recent conversations with a few of ours friends regarding their diet and exercise regimes during their period, their responses prompted us to take a further look into the do’s and don’ts whilst on your period. Long story short, a majority of the girls indicated that they eat irregularly and exercise less… Read More The P Word!